Hell’s Edge — Bound By Curses [Progressive/Heavy Metal]

Photo from the Hell’s Edge Facebook page.

Hell’s Edge is a progressive/heavy metal band founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 2008.

The current line-up features Michiel Vlaminck on the drums, Dylan Meersman as the bassist, Yves Bogaerts on the keyboards, Dennis Michiels as the guitarist, and Kevin Van Asch as the vocalist, and guitarist. Fast-paced and full of energy, the album has been released in 2017. The band has been working towards making their sound before bringing out their first album. The lyrical themes mainly revolve around emotions, bitterness, misery.


  1. Nightmare [Intro] (01:05)
  2. Under The Stars (02:31)
  3. So Cold (02:36)
  4. Burning Rage (02:33)
  5. Climax Of Emotions (03:58)
  6. Bound By Curses (04:19)
  7. Impure (03:59)
  8. Insanity (04:58)
  9. Path To The Sky (03:39)
  10. Running From The Shadows (03:50)
  11. Impaled By Hate [Instrumental] (03:03)
  12. Hearts Of Fire (04:33)

Total runtime: 41:04 minutes.

As an atmospheric opener “Nightmare” starts with at the forefront drums and some slow guitar riffs. This is an instrumental song and perfectly fades into the next song which starts with a blast.

A thunder sets off the second song “Under The Stars”, going over in fast drums and guitar riffs, after the short intro the raw vocals are introduced and the sound becomes more melodic with the keyboards slightly hinting at Kalmah influences. The vocalist shows what range of vocals he can sing in this first song. Despite being packed full of energy, the song is quite short, something that will be quite prevalent in this album.

The first real Heavy Metal song of the album “So Cold” is a far calmer song than its predecessor, showing that the band has a multitude of talents. The song builds up to a small breakdown followed by a terrific guitar solo. Again, with a runtime of 2:36 minutes, this song is quite short. Another seamless fade into the next song.

The first time I listened to “Burning Rage” I was blown away by the sheer brutality and speed it starts and ends with. This is probably the most energetic and aggressive song on the album. Blastbeats, raw growls, and juicy guitar licks. With a soft death metal vibe to this song, this is by far the heaviest song on the album.

Climax Of Emotions” entails exactly as the title says. It starts calm and melodic. The song switches between softer and faster parts, switching between clean and gritty vocals. The guitars get a chance to show off with a progressive solo.

With violins, the most gothic song of the whole album, “Bound By Curses” starts. The album titled song starts again with a heavy and fast intro, keeping the gothic vibe throughout the whole song. It showcases their talent as one of the longest songs on the album. They show the listener that they are capable of bringing forth more than just short, intense songs and follow this direction for the remainder of the album.

Impure” is another song aching towards a Death Metal vibe with aggressive solos, raw vocals. The song radiates hate and evil, reflected by the lyrics. It gravitates towards a heavy metal sound near the end of the song, with another splendid instrumental section.

My personal favorite, “Insanity” is the most progressive song on the album. This is in my opinion the culmination of the sound they want to achieve. Complex, real body and a story to tell lyric-wise. A showcase of what they are capable of vocal and instrumental-wise.

Path To The Sky” is another fast-paced Heavy Metal song. The vocalist seems to have found his standard clean vocal style. The song follows the general style of the shorter songs, with an emphasis on majestic keyboard use following a more epic style of song.

While nearing 4 minutes, this is one of the more mundane songs on the album. “Running From The Shadows” doesn’t stand out much regarding the other songs. It does have a nice guitar solo, but I feel there was less thought put into this song than the others. By the time of this song, they do understand how to fill up a song with lyrics and sound to create a decently sized song.

Impaled By Hate”, pure instrumental goodness. A nice intro flowing right into Heavy Metal insanity. The only instrumental song on the album (aside from the intro), but certainly worth a listen! This is in my top 3 songs of the album.

The last song on the album, “Hearts On Fire” feels like a ‘bonus’ song added because they had space left to fill. It is not a bad song, but not very outstanding either. A catchy heavy metal song with the obligatory juicy guitar solo added in. It shows what they can do, but their true potential remains lost in this song.

Songs to listen to:

  • Impaled By Hate
  • Burning Rage
  • Insanity


I see potential in this band and look forward to their next release. They are certainly worth a listen, and you can hear that a lot of time has been invested in the making and fine-tuning of this album.

I could not reach the band on their Facebook page for information regarding touring, their next album, or other additional info as of this moment.

The full album is available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU50zuq5EGI

Want to support the band?
Bandcamp: https://hellsedge.bandcamp.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hells-Edge-160043957415376
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoybDEZjGWf5CbbF1vu_vPw




Loving father. Metalhead. Aspiring article writer. Dreaming of writing my own short stories and publishing a novel.

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Alexander Tjoens

Alexander Tjoens

Loving father. Metalhead. Aspiring article writer. Dreaming of writing my own short stories and publishing a novel.

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